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What Your Chevrolet Warning Lights Mean

When you start your Chevrolet vehicle, its dashboard lights may flash upon ignition. However, these lights should not stay on. With many icons to identify on your dashboard, we have put together a guide of the most common warning lights in your Chevrolet and what they mean.

Coolant Temperature

This light looks like a red floating thermometer and indicates that your vehicle’s cooling system is not functioning well. When you see this light, stop your car because the engine could overheat and cause major damage.

Tire Pressure Monitor

While you should check your car’s tire pressure regularly, a yellow/orange indictor light will alert you when one or more of your tires has low pressure. This light looks like a tire containing an exclamation point.

Oil Pressure

The oil pressure light looks like a red oil lamp, and when it flashes on, it means that your engine’s oil pressure is too low and that you need to refill your oil. However, this light also implies a more serious issue, so don’t hesitate to bring your Chevrolet into our service center near Conyers, GA, in the event you see this icon on your dashboard.

Check Engine Light

This is the most well-known dashboard light because it’s the most ambiguous and looks like a mini-engine. When your “Check Engine” light flashes on, this can mean a variety of things, from something being wrong with the engine to issues with your vehicle’s emissions system. Bring it by our service center, and we will identify the true problem.

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