Automotive Chip Shortage

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There’s been plenty going around about the automotive chip shortage that’s been affecting vehicle manufacturers all over the world, but you may be wondering what exactly the car chip shortage is and how it will affect your car buying experience. In short, most of the products we use today have a semiconductor chip in order to operate properly. This means everything from washing machines to your car. 

During the pandemic, people started buying entertainment devices and other appliances that used semiconductor chips. This caused the supply to be unable to meet market demand. And though the car chip shortage seems bleak, there are already signs of improvement. 

Better understand the car chip shortage with our team at Ginn Chevrolet today to see just how it’s affecting new and used car supply, how long it’ll last, and more. We pride ourselves on providing you with the updated information you need.

How is the Chip Shortage Affecting New & Used Vehicle Supplies?

Though there are many industries affected by the semiconductor chip shortage, the most affected is the automotive industry. This is because new models require hundreds of semiconductor chips to be installed to ensure the proper function of their essential components. This shortage has led many manufacturers to suspend or limit the production of new models. This means an overall vehicle shortage. There will be less new models for sale in showrooms and less people selling used vehicles because of the lack of new models becoming available. Used vehicles will also go up in price because of this.

How Long Will the Chip Shortage Last?

The automotive chip shortage is expected to come to an end relatively soon. While it’s hard to pinpoint exactly when the shortage will be resolved, mass vaccinations and the relaxing of covid-19 restrictions have allowed many facilities to go back to their pre-pandemic production levels. As production increases to catch up with market demand, more new vehicles will be up for sale in your Loganville showrooms and beyond.

Can I Still Buy a Car from Ginn Chevrolet?

Of course! At Ginn Chevrolet near Conyers, you can bet we’re working hard to ensure we have enough vehicles in our inventory to meet your McDonough driving needs. Check out our new and used vehicle inventory online today to find the right model for you and your driving needs. Then, contact our finance team to arrange a test drive.

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